A Teacher’s Story


                                                                             “There must be a better way!”

Struggling to fit too many parents into too few appointment blocks, then dealing with multiple requests per day by parents needing to change their appointments, one teacher thought, “There must be a better way!”

From that moment of desperation came the inspiration to create a simple, cost-effective tool that would benefit schools, teachers and parents.  In every new release and update of the Online Scheduler™, Canyon Creek Software has sought the input and testing of schools and parents with the top priority of ensuring that the system remains “elegant in it’s simplicity.”


Data Simplicity


Whether you use PowerSchool, Skyward, Discovery, Infinite Campus, Aeris or one of the other dozens of SIS’s that our clients use, we can setup an automated process to import your data.  Your data is secured via File Transfer Protocol over a Transport Layer Security (FTPS) portal while in transit and via 256 bit SSL encryption when accessed via the web. We strictly adhere to FERPA and SOPIPA requirements and do not share or use your data for any other purpose than the scheduling of appointments.


Technical Simplicity


There is no software to install or support.  The system runs on professional servers located in a secure facility in the U.S.  Parents and schools access the Online Scheduler™ via the web by first going to the school’s webpage (driving more parent traffic to your website) and clicking on the Online Scheduler™ link.


Support Simplicity


You will be trained on the system via a live web-meeting scheduled specifically for you. Your training is backed up with unlimited email and phone support.   The training and support is included in the low annual fee. 




Please contact us for an up-to-date low price quote.


Money Back Guarantee


Simply put, if you are dissatisfied with the service we will refund your annual fee.




1,000,000’s of parent-teacher appointments have been scheduled using the Online Scheduler™.

On average, an appointment is made every second of every school day, every year


“I thank you for your swift and efficient response not only is this program a wonderful simplification for us but your customer service is excellent.  Have a great day.” 

Lead Secretary

“You and your company are wonderful to work with, and I appreciate all you have done. Thanks so much.”

School Secretary

“You are simply one of the best vendors we work with.  I wish our other vendors were as responsive.”

District IT Lead

“Our Spanish-speaking parents loved that a translator was automatically scheduled.”


“Thanks so much!  You guys are amazing!”

Vice Principal /Athletic Director / Language Arts Teacher

“Wow! You guys are great! You continue to amaze and impress me with how easy it is to work with you and how fast and efficient you are! Thanks,…”

Lead Secretary

“I am truly grateful that you came through with a solution for me. ... Thank you. “ 

Assistant Principal

“Thank you for your amazing program!!  :)”

School Secretary