School Benefits


·       The front office can see all schedules, appointments, and statistics

·       The front office can make and change appointments

·     Mobile friendly

·      No software to install or support.  Software runs in the cloud on servers located in a secure facility in the U.S.

·      FERPA, SOPIPA and NYSED compliant 

·      Accommodates student-lead conferences

·      Multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French, German) for parents

·    Translator(s) can be automatically scheduled for parents

·      Live web-based training session is included in price

·      Unlimited email and telephone support is included in price

·      A training/demo system for your school is included in price

·      Accommodates immersion language programs

·      256 bit encrypted SSL web access

·      FTP over TLS (FTPS) ensures data security while in motion

Happy Teacher Schedule

Teacher Benefits


·       Teachers can personalize the school-wide schedule

·       Teachers can print "take-home" notes or send emails to parents

·       Teachers can create appointments

·       Accommodates team teachers


Happy Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Benefits


·       Parents start the process at your school’s webpage

·       Parents pick the times that work best for them

·       Parents can schedule siblings appointments “back-to-back”

·       No “registration” required by parents or teachers

·       Parents receive an automated email when the Parent Window is about to open

·       Parents receive an automated email if they have not made an appointment when the Parent Window is about to close

·       Parents receive an email and/or text confirmation when they make an appointment

·    Parents can cancel or change their appointments online

·       Parents receive an automated reminder (email and/or text) about their appointment(s)

·       Divorced/separated parent appointments can be accommodated



Online Scheduler Uses

Other Uses


·       Kindergarten assessments

·       High school registration appointments

·       Sports physicals

·       Counselor appointments

·       College and career readiness appointments

·       Student-led conference